Block Assembly

Assembly of Model A Long Block

  1. The finished result can greatly be effected by the quality and cleanliness of the assembly of the engine.
  2. Install a preferably new oil pump drive gear in block with spring.
  3. Install valve cover with gasket and (10) 5/16 x 3/4 hex bolts and lock washers. Gasket should be installed dry or with a thin film of grease.
  4. Install external oil pipe on side of block with 2 gaskets dry and (2) 5/16 bolts with copper or brass flat washers.
  5. Install (4) 7/16 bolts all the same length in the corners of engine in stud holes on top of block. Turn engine upside down on the four bolts.
  6. Install oil slinger on front of crankshaft up against steel timing gear with lip out.
    • If using neoprene front seal, lubricate seal lip and slide on pulley with sharp edge inward. Slide pulley on crankshaft, engage slot on key then push all the way on. Secure pulley with ratchet nut.
    • If using original style packing, slide pulley on crankshaft, engage slot on key then push pulley all the way on. Install packing in timing case cover. Cut off excess flush with surface and lubricate packing.
  7. Lubricate new spring and plunger and place in socket of timing case cover spring first.
  8. Install timing case cover and side cover with gaskets dry and bolts. Run bolts in, do not tighten.
  9. Place oil pan rail gaskets (dry) on pan rails. Install cork rear pan gasket, may need trimming.
  10. If using neoprene front seal, cut pan rail gaskets to fit around seal. Place small amount of RTV at joint of seal and gasket.
  11. If using front packing, place same in oil pan groove, trim if necessary and lubricate.
  12. Prime rebuilt or new oil pump and place in block, ensure shafts fit together and pump seats all the way in to block.
  13. Set oil pan into position and install (20) 5/16 x 3/4 hex bolts. Tighten two front first then two rear, tighten all evenly.
  14. Tighten timing cover and side cover bolts. This method will help stop leaks.
  15. Flywheel housing and clutch can now be installed. Refer to flywheel aligning sheet.
  16. Roll engine upright. Remove (4) 7/16 bolts in top of block.
  17. Install head studs. A small amount of RTV on stud shoulder of course end will help stop seeping. Position head gasket on block dry. Install head and stud nuts, torque to 50/55 pounds.
  18. Install engine in vehicle. Complete installation of ignition, include timing, manifolds, carburetor, starter, generator, belts, hoses, etc.
  19. Connect electrical wiring, cables and fuel lines. Add water, oil and gas.