Model A
Highway Touring Car

To build a Model "A" Highway Touring Car, I recommend the following items to start with:

  • Model A counterbalanced engine with V8 clutch and lightened flywheel.
  • Touring Grind Camshaft
  • Insert Main Bearings
  • NEW Insert connecting rods with bearings
  • New Hi Compression Head
  • Larger Intake Valves 1.730 Head Dia.

Short Block

  • $3,795.00 with no cylinder head
  • $4,180.00 with 6:1 High compression head
  • $192.50 Installation kit recommended

Long Block

  • $5,335.00 with 6:1 High compression head
  • Add $2,172.50 for running engine package


Option Price
NEW 330 Lift CAMSHAFT for added power + $440.00

Now that you have a faster, smoother more durable engine, call Gary's Model A. They make a smooth synchronized 4-speed transmission for the Model A that installs with few modifications. 4th gear is overdrive, this gives you a higher top end and lowers engine speed for normal cruising. This will conserve fuel, lower your RPMs, preserve your engine life, all while having a quieter engine at a normal cruising speed.

Gary's Model A (817) 624-4342

Shipping and crating NOT included in the above prices.