ANTIQUE ENGINE REBUILDING receives discounts from shipping companies. Customers ship engines to us "freight collect" in order to receive the discount. When we receive the invoice from the freight company we will forward it to the customer for payment with no mark up in price, thus providing our discount to the customer. Please pay promptly.

About Shipping

  1. For a quote please call Antique Engine Rebuilding (260-824-4649). If you have your own shipping company, it would be advisable to get quotes from your company as well as ours. Zip codes and weight matter, not distance.
  2. Business to business delivery is less expensive than to a residence. If you can have the shipment delivered and/or picked up from a location with a loading dock such as where you work or a friend's business this can save money. For the same price it can also be sent and picked up from the shipping company's loading terminal. We typically use a local FedEx Freight Terminal.
  3. If you would like to save crating fees you can build a crate using drywall screws to attach the lid. This will give us easy access to the engine and we can reuse the crate. Please be sure to build short block crates large enough for the rear main oil pipe, they are installed before leaving our shop.
Block Crate Size Crating Fee Exchange Crating Fee Outright
Long Block 35x23x31H $150.00 $170.00
Short Block 29x22x20H $100.00 $140.00
Crating Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE